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Posted by grinner October 1, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

chinesepod people and other techno geeks,


this dictionary  is great.  i can look up all sorts of words.  problem is i don't seem to be able to save them to my own vocab.


i'm already logged on to cp.com.  when i launch the dictionary, it opens in a new tab (i'm using firefox - if that is important).  i can make searches without any problems.  where there are examples, i see those too and the links to lessons.  however, when i try to add the words to my existing vobab, a dialogue box informs me that i need to log on.  whatever i do, i can't get the damn thing to work.


please help me chinapod.  i really am into this mandarin because of you and i am at a loss as far as this dictionary is concerned.


please note that if i have to twiddle any geeky stuff on my computer, i am a bit dense.  keep it simple 



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