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Posted by Tal May 1, 2010 in the Group Transcripts with Tal .

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Here is a list of transcripts currently available in this group. If I miss any or forget anyone, please just add a post with the missing info!


C1145 Boston

C1151 Zombies: Deader than Ever

C1153 Excuses for Being Late

C1157 City: Mumbai

C1166 Lao Wang in the Doghouse

C1169 Tea Tasting

C1176 Delegating Tasks

C1180 - Dubai

C1183 - Delivery Problems

C1189 - A Dodgy Opportunity for Lao Wang

C1288 - Thank You Note

D0828 - The Pickup Artist

D1194 - A Suspicious Text Message

D1229 - Funny Business 4

D1258 - Love Tangle 3

D1211 - Funny Business - Part 3


C1192 - Job Interview (chanelle77)

C1199 - Ordering Songs at Karaoke (chanelle77)

D1191 - Saved by the Gong: Tai Chi (sebire)

F1188 - Media - 无性婚姻 (zhenlijiang)

D0151 - Upper Intermediate - The Monkey King (zhenlijiang)

E0240 - 中西方幽默


C1317 - Office Christmas Party (bababardwan)

E1325 - 游孔庙 (bababardwan)


C1312 - Voucher Promotion at the Mall (go_manly)

C1341 - Intermediate - Western Zodiac

32 Transcripts  (go_manly's student friend Ricky)


C1345 - Choosing a New Pair of Glasses (xiaophil)

D1319 - Going to Wudang Mountain (xiaophil)


F1348 - 阿凡达  - (babardwan)


There are a couple of 'works in progress'.

D0639 - Arrival in Jizhou (sebire)

C0230 - A Fated Meeting (xiao liang)


Many of these were collaborative efforts of course, I've given the names of the people above who had the original idea of doing it, but thanks and appreciation are due to all who have contributed. It's a joy to me to see this group flourish and be of help to poddies everywhere.


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