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correction for your sentence

Posted by amandali_counselor May 4, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

Xia ge xinqi tian, wo de papa he wode mama, dao HK. My parents arrived in HK last Sunday. (right)
Tamen jian wozai HK, liang ci. It is the second time they are visiting me.
tamen dierci lai HK jian wo.
Tamen xuejiao zai wode jia, wo xuejiao zai wode pengyou de jia. They are sleeping at my place and I am sleeping at my friend's place.
place before the verb
Xia ge xinqi yi, women qing wode pengyou chifan zai wode jia, wo jieshao le wode jia ren dui tamen. On Monday we had a dinner at home with my friends to introduce them to my parents.
Xia ge xinqi yi, women qing wode pengyou zai wode jia chifan, wo jieshao le wode jia ren gei tamen. On Monday we had a dinner at home with my friends to introduce them to my parents.

Women che le hen duo "cheese" he "foie gras", wode jiaren dai le. We ate cheese and foie gras my parents brought back from France.
Women che le hen duo wode jiaren cong faguo dai de"cheese" he "foie gras".

Women he hong jiu he fagwo de bai jiu. We also drank red wine and Prune.(right)
Zuo tian wang shang, women quguo kan lan qiu bisai, ranhuo(danshi) wo bu(mei) da. Yesterday night we went to watch the finals my basket ball team was playing but I was not playing.

Bisai hao jianku, shangbanchang women jingong le tai hao, dan shi xiabanchang, xuanshou qiang hen duo bo(qiu), women bu da(da de bu) jilie, women de meiyou jili (li qi).  It was a very arduous game, first half we attacked quite well but second half the opponent stole a lot of balls, we were not playing intensely anymore and we had less willpower.
Women ??? Unfortunately we lost 39-41. buxing de shi, women 39 bi 41 shu le bisai
Women xian chi fan le, bisai shi dian kaishi. Jiu women zuo yidiar kan chengshi( wanshang women zai chengshi zouyizou). Wang shang, cheng shi hen anqing(an jin) he hen hao kan. The game was at 10pm, first we had dinner, then walk in the city at night, it is more quiet and beautiful.
Jintian wo shangban, jiaren qu Hk,Kowloon wan??? HK. Today I am working and my parents are visiting HK, Kowloon.

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