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Posted by guccikitty6 May 7, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Gucci brand classic elements like double G logo and Horsebit design are fashion general knowledge for fun of Gucci. Gucci brand has its unique characters like top quality, luxury and sexy, and it is loved by the peopel from fashionable society. Gucci products like gucci shoes, Gucci bags, Gucci wallets and Gucci watches etc are very famous in recent years and very popular in the market.
In the early spring of 2010, Gucci will reveal its brilliant history and delicate design once more by its new design idea on bags and shoes. Gucci design in 2009 broaden our outlook and make it to be the fashion focus star in fashion world.And now we will see the new design idea of Gucci brand on Gucci shoes and Gucci bags in 2010. To look back the design Gucci shoes in 2009, the design are dominated as black color, classic print and strips in red and green decorate the shoes make it simple and unique.
The different styles of Gucci shoes ranges from women gucci shoes like Gucci boots, Gucci loafers&flats to Gucci men shoes like Gucci boots and Gucci sneakers.No big changes in the shoes but some alternations in details also make Gucci shoes unique. Make different materials together and zip design are the resons for why Gucci shoes are so cool and personalize.Another fashion star in 2010 will be Gucci men shoes which has been so hot in 2009 in the fashion world. Gucci men shoes like classic Gucci retro shoes in 2010 will has a new design as fashion and popular design blend with Retro style elemets. Gucci bamboo handle handbag is one kind of gucci handbags and its design is inspired by the side of saddle. Many famous super stars like Federica、Grace Kelly、Elizabeth Taylor and Deborah Kerr love this bag the most. The products like bags and shoes designed by Gucci are famous for its fashion and functional characteristic. Do you want to own Gucci shoes or bags now?
Choose Gucci means that you want to choose better life. What is noteworthy is that the quality of women gucci shoes is very important to the health of eyes. How to choose your prefect Gucci products? The one you like most is your style. Gucci products are the crasy hottest products for girls and boys. Gucci has been so popular among white collar women workersDo you want to waste your time to buy Gucci? Some suggestions on how to pick Gucci are given here.

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