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Posted by paulinurus May 31, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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Here's a couple of dialogue lines:

A:  我的眼镜找不到了。wǒ de yǎnjìng zhǎobudào le.

B: You were just wearing them!

Put on your East Brain hat now and see if you could figure out how to say "You were just wearing them" in Chinese.


Not easy for me..hopefully easier for you, even though this sentence is in an Elementary Cpod lesson.





gāngcái nǐ hái dài zhe ne.

literally: just a moment ago, you still wearing.

刚才gāngcái  - just a moment ago

戴 dài - to put on

着呢 zhe ne - continuous tense (emphasized)

着呢 added at the end of a sentence could be puzzling for West Brainers. Why is it necessary to add 呢 at the end of a sentence for emphasis?

Other examples on the use of 着呢 :

(There is heavy wind.)


(The door is open.)

(It is raining.)


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