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Say It Right Series

Watch Out Themed Sentences

Posted by madzak June 4, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

1. Where do we park a car? Zài wǒmen tíngchē ma? 在我們停車嗎? 2. How much is the parking lot? Duōshǎo qián tíngchēchǎng? 都少前停車場嗎? 3. You park behind that car. Nǐ tíngchē hòumiàn nà chē 你停車後面那車。 4. Pay attention to the signs zhùyì de jīxiàng ba 注意的跡象吧。 5. Here I am! wǒ zài zhèlǐ! 我在這裡! 6. You park cars bad. nǐ tíngchē cuò 你停車錯。

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