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The 'Post' Page

Posted by go_manly June 4, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

We are told: 'Please note this "Post" page will be discontinued on June 15th. In the future, posting to Groups can be done on the Dashboard.' I have 3 issues with this. 1. How will we be able to edit our posts in the future? Up to now, we have been able to edit our posts at any time, not just within the 15 minute window available for editing replies. 2. How will we be able to see all of our posts in such a tidy list? Why take this away from us? Is there something to be gained by doing so? 3. Up to now, I have been able to avoid using the dashboard, and have instead visited only the Community and Lesson pages. I resent being told I must use this monstrosity. Will there be other changes in the future which will force us to use this page more often?

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