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Say It Right Series


Posted by madzak June 10, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

At second traffic light, head north. dáo ér gè hónglùdēng wǎng běi 捯而各紅爐登往北。 Is the post office to the east? YóuJú shì dōng? 郵局是東? How long should I go ahead? Duō yuǎn wǒ wǎng qián? 都遠我往前? Where is the park? gōngyuán zài nalǐ mā? 公園在那裡媽? I walked to the supermarket wǒ de zuǒ wǎng chāoshì 我的左往超市。 My house is the third door on the right side wǒ de fángzi shǐ mén yòubiān. 我的房子使門右邊。 Do I turn left at this intersection? wǒ zuǒguǎi shízìlùkǒu mā? 我左拐十字路口媽? From the park to the supermarket, it’s a long walk. cóng gōngyuán dào chāoshì zǒu yuǎn. 從公園到超市左遠。

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