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Posted by lisaloon June 25, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

敬轩-老师, 对不起,明天 我不能上课。 请问, 可以 我们下星期 一 见面吗? 下星期五 我通常的小时能上课。 I'm really sorry for the late notice. I am trying to say (please correct my sentences): I can't meet for lesson tomorrow (June 25). Is there a chance you have a free lesson time early Monday morning (Pacific time)/late Monday evening (your time)? I can meet as usual Friday July 2. Then, I will not be able to meet July 9. 周末快乐,Lisa 李霞 “ 力色 ” “丽 莎” (still looking for a name...a family name that means "small river"? Is there one?)

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