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World Cup

Posted by pretzellogic June 26, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

This is portions of the description from the FIFA.com website of the USA - Ghana game this evening: The big game USA-Ghana Urged on by the biggest support at South Africa 2010, the Stars and Stripes scrapped and fought their way out of the group phase, coming from behind against both England and Slovenia and snatching a last-gasp winner against the Algerians. Former national team youth coach Bob Bradley has drafted several untried youngsters into a well-oiled side that has fulfilled the promise it showed in reaching the FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009. Their Achilles heel remains the defence, which has stood firm against high balls but looks vulnerable when attacked at pace, a threat they can expect from the Ghanaians. CAF African Cup of Nations finalists back in January, the Black Stars have matched their performance at Germany 2006, drawing strength from a mobile and resourceful defence and a midfield unit that combines class and industry. In contrast to the Americans however, the sole African representatives have been underperforming up front, scoring just two goals so far, both from the penalty spot. - Chinese (simplified) 大游戏 美国,加纳 敦促南非在2010年,星条旗最大的支持和争取取消对他们的出路在小组赛阶段,从背后对英格兰和斯洛文尼亚和抢掠一最后时刻对阿尔及利亚人冠军的到来。前国家队主教练鲍勃布拉德利青年已草拟成一个运作良好的一方已经履行它的承诺在达到国际足联联合会杯的南非2009年发现一些未经试验的青少年。 他们的致命弱点仍然是防守,这还远远不够高的球看起来容易,但公司在攻击时的速度,是一个威胁,他们可以期望从加纳。非洲足联非洲国家杯决赛早在今年1月,黑星有匹配在2006年德国世界杯的表现,引起移动和足智多谋的中场防守和单位,结合类和工业的实力。相对于美国人,但唯一的非洲代表已预先表现不佳,仅得2球,到目前为止,无论从罚球点。

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