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Shenyi de text.

Posted by foimiaou June 28, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

Last week I was very busy and I had to meet several clients. Shang ge xinqi wo hen mang, wo yao jian yixie kehu. I spent all my money to interact with counterparts. Wo hua guo soyo de qian gen laiwang duifang. It implies business relationship should be good but the businessmen were very business style and did not like discussing business while having lunch. Na yiwei zhe yinggai shi lianghao guanxi, danshi shengyiren shi guo hen xiang shengyi ren, tamen bu xihuan bian tan shengyi bian chi fan. When the meeting was finished, they said business does not depend on how good the time you spend with your business partner is. Sheme shihou jianmian jie su le, tamen shuo shengyi bu yilai ni he nide shengyi huoban de guanxi haobuhao. To ensure a prosperous business, first we must establish a good business and then we can go out for lunch and dinner to know each other’s better. Quebao hao de shengyi, xian yao jianli hao de shengyi, yihuo neng he duifang yici bian qu chi fan bian liaojie duifang. Most important is the business, interact or not is not so important. Zui zhongyao shi shengyi, laiwang haishi bu laiwang bu zhongyao. In China most important are the connections. Zai Zhongguo guanxi zui zhongyao. With no connections, it is not possible to do business. Meiyou guanxi bun neng zuo shengyi. That’s why I handled it that way. Zhe shi weisheme wo na yang banshi. Next time I will interact a little bit with the clients but first I will discuss business. Xia ci wo he kehu yici jiang laiwang yixia ranghuo xian jiang tan shengyi. If it is successful, I will invite them for dinner. Ruguo you cheng gong, wo jiang qing tamen chi fan.

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