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The state of China's music scene

Posted by Kyle October 23, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

One of Christian's recent posts asked for the lyrics to a 春秋 song.  This was the first I had ever come across a group whose music certainly strayed from the beaten path, and I really liked the sound. 

 Having been in China for almost 14 months now, and having seen, for the first time, a rockish/punkish group got me thinking: why is it that I had to find such music on YouTube?  Why isn't this type of music played alongside the mainstream?

 I don't think I'm wrong in saying that in China we only hear one type of music: the my-heart-is-broken-but-I-will-survive kind.  This music drives me absolutely mental.

So, why is it that punk/metal/rock isn't played more (at all?) in China?  Is this a form of censorship?  Is the man behind the curtain following the notion that "angry" music creates "angry" people, and that if all we hear are tunes of love and peace sung by beauties and beaus that, in turn, the masses will be lulled into following suit?

 Oh, and for those that have come across original groups / musicians / artists such as Christian's, please comment and leave a link!

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