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Posted by pretzellogic July 4, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

This is more a casual hypothesis than anything else. Also, at the end of the day, it's something that would have been somewhat intuitive anyway about learning a language.  I think the key is that, even though this hypothesis is intuitive, in practice, in the real world, people do not actually do this when they learn a new language.

The hypothesis is based on the idea that shadowing, and casual review of statements of progress with Cpod from simonpettersson, xiaophil,  themainman and others suggests that if a user of cpod seriously wants to learn Mandarin fast, then the path might be to:

- say out loud the Chinese you're learning, but create your own sentences.

 -- creating a sentence in this context is as simple as changing 1 word or phrase.

You must remember this phrase (thanks Sifu Campbell):

 - 100 times to know:

 - 1000 times to get good at

 - 10000 times to master. 

The hypothesis is that saying out loud the sentences forces you to hear yourself speaking, so you can correcct your pronunciation.

Creating your own sentence 1000 times forces you to really create the language in your head, where you need it anyway.

Or maybe this is the theory behind why shadowing is effective. who knows.

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