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If your significant other is Chinese, why are you learning Mandarin?

Posted by xiaophil July 11, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I know quite a few poddies have a significant other who happens to be Chinese.  If any of you don't feel it is too personal, I'm curious as to why you learn Mandarin.  Is it to communicate better with the significant other?  The family?  Take the load off of he or she from acting as a translator?  Just to feel closer?  Or is that you were already learning Mandarin, and happened to meet he or she along the way?  Some totally different reason?

The reason I ask is because I happen to be married to a Chinese woman.  I was actually trying to learn Mandarin before meeting her, but I was very much a beginner at that time.  I really put my weight into the language, though.  I always thought that learning Mandarin will lead to something good.  So far I have been modestly correct.  I hope in the future I will be proven to be fantastically correct.  Anyway, one of the things that I am proud of is that now my wife and I speak more Mandarin than English.  It however can be comical listening to us.  We often switch between languages and combine the two languages into one sentence.

Hope this isn't the wrong time to ask.  Seems that summer is often a bit dead around here.

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