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More CPod Tinkering

Posted by go_manly July 19, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Now Cpod have changed the page ordering in each thread. That is, the most recent comments are on page 1.

No issue with that of course, though why they would bother I don't know. But as usual they have not considered follow-on effects:

1. The page selector at the bottom of the page still has 'oldest' pointing towards page 1, and 'newest' pointing towards the higher numbered pages.

2. When you click on a link to a comment from the Conversations page, you are still taken to the highest numbered page, so you don't see the most recent comment.

3. On the Conversations page, there is a comment by pretzellogic which says "Is it me, or are there now 3 month's worth of lesson suggestions now missing?" When I visit the thread, I find that he is correct. The last post there was made on May 9, and pretzellogic's comment that is clearly visible on the Conversations page is nowhere to be seen. How many other threads have been affected like this?

4. This reversal has only been applied within threads. The individual threads themselves are listed within the group they belong to in the old order.

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