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Posted by bababardwan July 27, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Seem to have been striking a few of these lately. For example the other day I struck 马甲 which my rollover only translated as "corset" whereas I found it to be the Chinese internet slang term for "sockpuppet" an English word oft discussed on these boards at one time though I don't remember the Chinese turning up [maybe it did and I missed it or forgot]. Ok, this one did turn up in the dictionaries. But here's one mdbg doesn't have at least ..喷饭 which I have worked out means "hilarious". I guess breaking it down it literally means "spout food",which I love.. a very graphic way to describe a situation in which someone tells you something funny [or you see something funny] while you are eating and it's so hilarious you can't contain yourself. Does anyone have any others they'd like to add to the list of expressions they've found the dictionaries don't cover so well?

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