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Newbie with questions about learning

Posted by FelixTheSwede October 28, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

大家好. Did the fourth lesson in the seven day trial today, so basically I’m a newbie and I’ve got some question. Sorry if these have been asked before, but I can’t find a search function.

Anyways, when I’m finished with the free trial I will definitely sign up for more and I was wondering. Which is better, going through the lessons in the order they were released or to pick them out random/find the ones I find interesting? How much should one analyse words with two or more characters, for example 你好. If I during a lesson get to know it means hello, but not what they mean separately. Is it good to check what each character mean, does it get confusing or will it be easier to remember and understand?

How many lessons per week is a good amount? Will 5-6 lessons become too much, will 3 be too little. Can you overdo it or do too few?

Is it a good idea to check back on past vocab a week and a month after studying them? Or will they reoccur in other lessons enough to skip that?

I’ve got no real interest in learning the Chinese characters, but how important are they when learning Chinese (spoken)?

Hope this post won’t bother you too much. I know there are no definitive answers, but tell me what you think.


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