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Posted by eupnea63355 July 31, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

I have a question about this phrase. It is in a story about Kong Rong. Kong Rong's father gave him some fruit to distribute to his siblings and allowed Kong Rong to select his first. Kong Rong's father was pondering as to why Kong Rong did not choose the biggest piece for himself.

爸爸看了,觉得很奇怪,就问孔融:“这么多的黎,我让你先拿,你为什么只拿了一个最小的呢?” (Cheng & Tsui, Tales & Traditions vol.1)

Does anyone know the meaning of the phrase 这么多的黎 ? I see it in numerous places on the net but at my stage of Chinese I am unable to translate it properly. I suspect it might mean something like "For heaven's sake" but am not sure. Thanks if anyone knows and can share!

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