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Elementary lessons on android app

Hi Again, Sorry to resurrect an old conversation, but I have another question about the Android app. First let me say that I've been enjoying Chinese Pod and the new app, which is more convenient than the old one.  Also, just to follow-up on something I...

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Recommendation for great language schools in China

Kinda late to this and the decision may have already been made (if so, let us know!) but I lived and studied in China for a while so I thought I'd weigh in.  I think part of the consideration is also the experience that you want. Do you want to live in a ...

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Online grocery shopping

We all know that money and time are the two elements you need to be able to enjoy shopping, especially if you love food. However, very few people have both : some people work hard and don't have enough time to shop and others have a lot of time on their hands ...

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Hi thereFran and Welcome. I have responded to your comment on our new forum. We have just set this forum up so look forward to seeing you over there soon. http://forum.chinesepod.com/t/lessons-showing-up-in-my-feed-that-i-dont-want-to-study/54 P.s: I took th...

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Suggestions and improvements for Chinesepod in 2015

It's a big ask, but it would be great to have each lesson on memrise.com

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