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How to say "Congratulations!"?

Gwilym, good on you for starting the forum.  we have long needed a place for commentary unrelated to specific lessons.  Now we have a repository for all that, miscellanea, drivel, non-sequiturs,  bad jokes  and other  blatant blather ...

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In the newbie lesson "Downloading Music", the featured word is introduced as 4th tone and 3rd in the introduction. Then, when read in the dialogue, it's the 4th and 4th. Plus, if you read the pin yin, it's written as 4th and 4th. Is this a mistake or just 2 di...

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Da jia hao as goodbye

I've noticed some of the Mandarin speakers around me seem to use da jia hao (I'm assuming they are saying 大家好) as a form of goodbye. Trying to google around for this usage hasn't yielded anything. Has anyone else come across this usage before? Am I hearing it ...

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再 vs. 又

Good point. In general, many points have been studied in the Qingwen shows. I often have a look on them when I've got a grammar / semantic question.

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Could someone explain the differences between these? 看 見 看到 見到 看見 Some examples would be great also to show when it's best to use each one.  謝謝!

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