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Best Chinese Movies for Intermediate to Upper Mediate Lvl's

谢谢!I've seen the third but not the first two. "Charming" describes "The Road Home" well; I really adored it. Always good to get new recommendations!

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I don't know if it will help but there is a lesson called "I with Z, C, S, ZH, CH, SH, R" and "I with J, Q, X" in the pinyin program.  

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"Mandarin" in Mandarin

ZhouRui, I know that you're more familiar with Taiwan than with China (right ?), but what about 汉语  ?

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What is the best way to say ATM ("automatic teller machine") in Mandarin?  My Pleco dictionary says 自動提款機, but I've heard/seen at least 4 others (including 自動取款機, 自動取錢機, and even just "ATM").  

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If you're close to the person and you ain't seen them for a short while you could say 嘿,你最近过的怎么样 or 最近好不好。 These are all what natives might use.  But if you think too much and start tripping over your words, 你好 is a classic utility phrase f...

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