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Augmented Reality

Ahh! You're telling me it's not real?! hehehe

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Chinese directions

Hey everyone,  How do I say "When you get to the bank, turn right/left/cross the road/go straight"? Is it ok to say: "在银行往右拐/往左拐/往前走"? Or; "到银行,往右拐/往左拐/往前走"? And how do I say: "when you'll see the bank you know you are there"?    谢谢你们!

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Cold Jokes (冷笑华)

Sorry, the last question should be 米的妈妈是谁。 And then the answer is 花,因为花生米。 Totally messed that one up. Sorry!

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The most difficult part

Here's a tech podcast I listen to. The level of Chinese is beyond me. I struggle with comprehension, but my profession deals with technology so it's very interesting for me to hear a Chinese pov even if I don't pick everything up. Imho, I think trying to liste...

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Thanks for that!

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