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HELP! Struggling to move from Intermediate to Upper Intermediate.

Hi, Matt, It has been a while since you put up this question,  and I have no idea whether you move to upper intermediate successfully.  My situation is that I am a native Chinese speaker, and out of the love to Chinese, I have chosen Teaching Chine...

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有意思 or 有兴趣?

do not know whether you are still here.  有兴趣: 兴趣 is somehow equal to "interest" in English. when you say" 有兴趣",it actually means you get interested in the thing you mentioned. YOU are the point where to judge from. in other words, “兴趣”is used...

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Chinesepod mobile app in China

Hi just wondering if anyone could tell me how to download and actually use the Chinesepod app in China. Every time i try to open the app it doesn't work, because there is an error message. This is probably due to google restrictions in the mainland. Has anyone...

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Negating 以为 ?

Except .... there is no longer a ratings page. It seems to me as though a handful of top posters went away almost as soon as that page vanished.

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Writing pad compatible with Cpod?

Here is what they say about tablets: http://www.skritter.com/wacoms

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