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What does mean 纵予 ?

I had seen the article of which you gave me link, but not the translation in English (it was on another website). OK, so it means "even if / even though"... Alright then, I must hang on to study the rest of my article... Again, Baba, thank you soooo much !!

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Question on the word jia1

Thanks, Adam. That was a big help!

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"only" adjective

Thanks David. I hadn't come across that before.

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Need help with pinyin for the Passover 4 questions

Yes, that was the problem Mike . It isn't really pinyin so it was useless to me. I can understand if they want to make a language like Chinese accessible to people who have never learned anything about it but the book would have been much better if they had pu...

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Help with Pinyin for the Passover 4 Questions: Part 2

Ok I now see your second part with so called pinyin.  The pinyin is simply wrong.  It is written by someone who does not know pinyin properly.

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