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podcast feed

I am using pocketcasts for andriod for my podcast feed. 

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Uploading image question

Is there any way to upload an image? I had wanted to upload some scanned text for help in getting pinyin for it but it is too large. Even though it is only about 6 or 7 lines of text, since it is an image it exceeds the 5000 character limit.

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Passover 4 questions in Mandarin with Pinyin

I tried pasting in a scanned image of the page but it seems it is too large : (

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searching problems

Hello, I am a mobile/tablet user, but I usually prefer to go directly to the website instead of using the app. But lately I have noticed that I can't seem to search the archives. :( if I want to look for a specific topic I have to log onto a regular laptop... ...

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Car Lesson


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