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Yes! Hurrah for the glossary search.  Are there different view options how to see lists of lessons?  When eg. I want to look at a list of Intermediate lessons I can only see a few on each page and there are over 40 pages! 

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search QW

http://chinesepod.com/lessons/%E8%88%8D%E4%B8%8D%E5%BE%97#sthash.2pNDlr5d.dpbs   Here it is. I would just suggest filtering the lessons on your front page to just qingwen sessions or if you know what the phrase or word that qingwen is about just enter t...

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"什么"是什么意思 ?

Thank you so much, Vera ! Spoken Chinese (or any foreign language) is really something different from what you can learn in books... Your comment has been really very helpful !!

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Not that this answers your question, but i've only heard people in Beijing in situations where they don't use 小姐. Situations where they might have called to a woman to get their attention and could have said 小姐, they've said 服务员, or 对不起,你的.... or 请问一下, or oth...

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Help with a short sentence.

i've been told by a chinese person its more natural to say this :在感恩节的时候我家人要 聚在一起吃大餐

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