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ChinesePod Jobs in New York! In Shanghai! News and Features

ChinesePod Jobs in New York! In Shanghai!
John, Jenny

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    ChinesePod is looking to fill two positions in the near future! With the opening of an office in New York City, ChinesePod is looking for a Marketing Assistant to help spread the word about ChinesePod and market its products. The role will include using social media to market ChinesePod and arranging meet-ups for ChinesePod users. For more information on the position, click the link: Marketing Assistant ChinesePod is also looking for someone in Shanghai to be a part-time host on its regular podcasts. The position requires you to be a native English speaker with solid Chinese skills. A bit of personality is a must, too. ChinesePod is also looking for a iOS app developer in Shanghai. The position requires a computer science background and at least a year of work experience. See the link below for more info: iOS App Developer If you're interested in applying to any of these jobs, email:

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