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十月怀胎 Advanced

YuQinCai 顺产 means natural labour. If you want to describe it went well you could say 生产过程很顺利! 

The Rise of Live Streaming Upper Intermediate

William Connors 谢谢

Express Delivery Elementary

davehochh It seems like it is suddenly asking me touodrage to premium to listen to just the dialogue. It never did that before. 

Describing Beauty Elementary

198614054 Hello,I have the basic membership and I was able to access both the dialogue and the full lessons before.  Now it will not allow me to open anything except the full dialogue. Please help.Thank you

Getting on Stage with a Seal Intermediate

Gwilym@ChinesePod Try deleting your cache if it doesn't work the first time.

Let's Do Math In Chinese! Qing Wen

Peter Stamadianos BEDMAS for order of operations in English. Easy trick for students to remember..

How to Say This and That in Chinese using 这 and 那 [ATWTI 11] Newbie

Mingmao Constance: "Why?" So cute!

主席讲话 Part 2 Advanced

zaphekiah 先贤 xiān xián = worthy predecessor; distinguished person of the past; former sage贴近 tiē jìn = to press close to; to snuggle close; intimate; to closely match惨痛 cǎn tòng = bitter; painful; deeply distressed天下太平 tiān xià tài p&i...

Interview Questions Upper Intermediate

170434065 谢谢啊!

Stranger Things Special Episode Qing Wen

Mingmao This is a great lesson, though it would be nice to have Chinese character subtitles for more of Constance's discussion, rather than just English subtitles.

朱日和基地 Advanced


ATWTI 9: 非常 Adjective Newbie

arctickiwi I really love the ATWTI sessions. They help to focus and gather the separate podcasts together in coherent chunks. I was a little disappointed with the exercise part of this session though as both exercise lessons are elementary and not on the same newbie leve...

Will vs Can using 会 [會] huì Elementary

Hemanti I'm just starting to use ChinesePod and don't quite understand how the vocabulary list works yet. In a lesson I studied previously, the audio would read all the vocabulary that is written down in the Vocabulary section of the lesson. However, in this lesson t...

ATWTI 10: 是 To be, or not to be Newbie

  In this All The Way To Intermediate lesson (#ATWTI) we teach you how to use the verb "to be" as well as examples of how to say what country you or your parents come from. You will not learn to use the positive verb 是, but also the negative form (不是) as well...

For you, and you, and you Newbie

stevinsjs Dialogue Pinyin A 这个给你,这个给你...... A zhège gěi nǐ, zhège gěi nǐ...... B 我呢?                            B wǒ ne? A 好,这个 你。            &nbs...

Falling Asleep at the Movies Intermediate

MisterXia Very useful lesson, thank you. Especially for a jetlag-plagued road warrior who is always in the midst of a whole cluster of 瞌睡虫。 Oh, this word will help me to crack so many awesome jokes on my next trip to China! And it will help a bit at overcoming that awkw...

ATWTI 7: Family Members Newbie

visitor349821593 hi

Buying Dinner To Say Thank You Intermediate

Mags M Just want to make a general comment here. I can't open the PDF files for any of the lessons now - not just this one. Just noticed today. Usually absolutely no problem. Have you made any changes your end?

了 (le): Something's About to Happen Qing Wen

931617220 Hello, in case this is still being read, where would 马上 be situated? I assumed between 就 。。。了 and 马上就 。。。 了? Thank you!

Women's Day Special Qing Wen

couldashouldawoulda Such an interesting lesson!