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The Snowstorm Strikes Upper Intermediate

yongbinkim 这是我第一次用Chinesepod。我觉得Chinesepod很方便,而且能学很多东西!

Changing Class Time Elementary

tanya2105 what should I use in the case of possible use, like "you can use the iPhone to take photos"? thanx!

丁克: Dual Income, No Kids Upper Intermediate

294091774 I never heard of this expression before in English, but I met a Chinese friend for dinner, and somehow the subject came up in conversation, so I tried it:丁克  and it worked! I was a little surprised, because if I had said "dink" to an English friend I'm su...

Mongolian Yurt Elementary

tbajoras I'm glad that I learned the phrase 馬奶酒, so that I can avoid accidentally ordering it if it's onthe menu. :)  But, seriously, that was a fun lesson!

Asking About Prices Newbie

447776332 I am confused about the difference between 还 and 也. I previously learned that 还 means "still" and 也 means "also" but in this lesson 还 is translated as "also". 

Ridiculously Small Clothing! Upper Intermediate

Raesu In my experience older lessons do not get responses. Also, the dialogues seem to not make sense too often (responding to your transvestite comment).

New Year's Eve Party Elementary

210852416 Is the 不 in 要不要 neutral or 2nd? Thanks!

Time Word Tips P2 : 前 and 后 Qing Wen

matman1115 go to here to find where you can create lesson suggestions.

免税品 Advanced

mochiq thank you for your explanation, brisa! it's really helpful. (っゝω・)っ~

Possessives with 的 [ATWTI 18] Newbie

dorothycowling Thanks for another clear and interesting lesson. I think that I have heard; 今天(jīn tiān) 天气(tiān qì) 很(hěn) 好(hǎo). Could the grammar be correct in this version also? My guess is that the meaning would be; Today the weather is good. The meanin...

How to Say Your Name in Chinese [ATWTI 17] Newbie

157589624 Hello! I love ChinesePod very much and have been using it to learn Mandarin this year. I do have a quandary for this lesson. Is it acceptable to use both 你的名字是什么 and 你叫什么名字 interchangeably? Or do they mean different things?

食品安全 Advanced

Minghe 请问,这个句子 ”B: 哎,不吃大米了。下了班去超市买面粉去。” 句尾的 “去“ 是不是多余?可不可以删掉?如果不可以的话,请解释它对这个句子有什么作用?谢谢。

ChinesePod Do KTV Qing Wen

misterkang Good episode

What an Ugly Teacup! Did you Make it? Upper Intermediate

washingtondcmandarincooperative If you are referring to error correction, have you tried submitting your observation using the "report a mistake" link at the left side of the page? That way the comments section doesn't get cluttered with comments about errata after the errors have been corre...

Taking Too Long to Pick a Meal Intermediate

daria530758508 The English translation in the Vocabulary Review recording seems to be in the wrong order with the Chinese words.

The Sharing Economy Upper Intermediate

terryjung 公共单车是需要你把车停在指定的位置。共享单车可以随便停车(肯定需要遵守一些规则)。

“停用死囚器官”的伦理与法治进步 Media

598735503 Finally finished all the media+advanced lessons... It's been a really fun journey. I'm going to study 锵锵三人行 now 

玉林狗肉节 Media

598735503 Transcript:    您好观众朋友,欢迎收看正在直播的《新闻1+1》。   明天6月21日是今年的夏至,其实夏至放到全国的哪儿都不过是一个重要的节气,但是对于广西的玉林来说,可就不仅仅是一个节气了,明天简直就像是一个大考。为什么呢,因为这么多年以来广西玉林有一个习俗,那就是到了夏至这一天的时候,要吃狗肉和荔枝,慢慢慢慢的越做越大。但是,今年很多的爱狗人士不干了,跑到了广西玉林坚决要去阻止很多人吃他们心爱的狗。于是这个冲突就愈演愈厉,已经持续了一段时间了。有媒体人是这么写的,说广西玉林吃不吃狗肉...

舌尖上的中国 Media

598735503 1:27 - 7:42 有一千双手,就有一千种味道,中国烹饪,无比神秘,难以复制,从深山到闹市,厨艺的传授,仍然遵循口耳相传,心领神会的传统方式。 祖先的智慧,家族的秘密,师徒的心觉,食客的领悟,美味的每一个瞬间,无不用心创造,代代传承。 5月,徽州的油菜籽成熟,它是当地食用油的制作原料,农民们的忙碌可以保证自家厨房一整年出产美味。中式烹饪,油是锅具和食物之间的媒介。热力作用,产生出奇妙而丰富的烹饪方式,植物油脂比动物油...

MH370 Media

598735503 中新社北京4月6日电 马航客机MH370失联进入第30天,10架军用飞机、2架民用飞机和13艘船只,6日继续在南印度洋疑似海域搜寻。继中国“海巡01”轮昨天监测到与失联客机“黑匣子”所发信号频率一致的脉冲信号后,澳大利亚“海盾号”今日也监测到最新的脉冲信号,多国搜寻力量正就这两处不同的地点做进一步搜索。   在6日发布会上,澳大利亚联合机构协调中心表示,中国“海巡01”轮昨天监测到的疑似“黑匣子”...