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多伦多市长 Media

alanshi 人民網11月18日訊據台中廣新聞報導深陷醜聞風暴的多倫多市長福特,當地時間周日到足球場看比賽絲毫不理會足球聯盟主席要求他 回避的呼籲深陷吸毒,酗酒,甚至新醜聞風暴的福特 力抗 輿論辭職 聲浪 繼續 有 市長身份四處活動當地時間周日他在球賽 中場休息的時候 有隨行人員 陪伴進場觀衆席上 一陣 騷動 許多人 擠上走道 搶 拍照片還有人 上前 和他握手記者 則被 隨行人員 擋在外圍

科普小知识:为什么白色动物很少见? Advanced

MissPhoenix 谢谢 Chinese Pod 组, 在三年内,这是第一高等级课我所能理解的课。

Michelle's COVID-19 Journey - with vocabs Newbie

ladyshifan Thanks for the vocabulary, it would be useful to have less English and more Chinese spoken

Love amid COVID-19 Elementary

AlisonJP Good lesson I was looking for Covid-19 related vocabulary for my Chinese class, I found the great grail in here ^^ a big thanks to Elsha and Michelle !

COVID-19, Rumors and Beer Intermediate

washingtondcmandarincooperative So is 心理病 a word that people actually use, or just a made-up word for this dialog?

Character Mind Map: 老 old Elementary

cconnolly https://chinesepod.com/lessons/two-little-tigers-song

Same-Sex Marriage Upper Intermediate

djambeeg Chinese Pod  - why do you have homophobe allowed to most offensive comments on your message board? 

Coffee Break Series: Business Dinner, Part 3 Pre Intermediate

Joseph 吴建新 Extremely Useful Lesson !! 

Chengyu Series - Nine Buffaloes and One Hair Elementary

STan217838945 Another good and interesting lesson from the Chengyu by numbers. I am learning lots and enjoying these series. 

语法课程:即 Upper Intermediate

这节语法课程,我们一起来学习“即”的用法,还有和它非常相似的“既”。下面是本节课的重要知识! -即:就是 后面跟解释性的概念。让前面的词语变得更加容易理解。 立即:马上,立刻 即时:刚刚发生的 即使……也……:表示假设情况下的转折 -既 既……又……:连接两个并列的概念

Early Taiwanese Mandopop Classics (1950-1970s) Upper Intermediate

Through beautiful songs such as 綠島小夜曲 (1954) and 梅花 (1976) written in Taiwan, Chi explains the early history of the Mandopop genre. Many say the popular songs in the 1950s-70s are the best music ever produced in the English-speaking world. Well, these Chinese ...

First Day at School Newbie

TikTok Gamer Boy gl

How to Use Past Experience Marker 过 (guò) Pre Intermediate

goxyz 台湾说塑胶,大陆说塑料。  

An ad for a holiday in Tibet 西藏旅游广告 Upper Intermediate

Karl2K Hi! Thanks again for another great lesson. Could we say "生活" instead of "滋味" in 可以告別孤獨的滋味了? That's just a really cool way to use 滋味! Hard to understand though because it made me think of the taste of food right away, but great to know 滋味 can be used in a diffe...

NY AMS Advanced


996工作文化 Advanced

Karl2K Hi. Could you please let me know what you say from 12:16 - 12:20? Thanks.

职场抱怨王 Part 3 Upper Intermediate

Karl2K Also 領導帶她走後門進公司 does it always need to be 帶?

Continued Tone Change Series #6 - I Miss You Elementary

In our previous newbie tone change series, we have introduced the tone change rules for 不, 一, two third tones, and three third tones. Just like many other aspects in the Chinese language, tone changes are more nuanced than the rules you see in textbooks. T...

Coffee Break Series: Business Dinner, Part 2 Pre Intermediate

hegnauer Alice, Lyn - 你的衣服很漂亮 !

Can you help me find...? Elementary

YeEun Jeong67 wow Jenny speaks with such grace!!