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Crazy About Exercise Intermediate

ElshaYiu Yes. You are right! 购物狂 should be shopaholic. Thanks for pointing it out!

How to Say and Write Your Address in Chinese Newbie

kelisi7 Request:  Add vocabulary to this lesson.  A lot of good terms for the beginning learner.

Obsession with mobile games 沉迷游戏──不能自拔 Media

MisterXia 谢谢! 我还找到了一个, 挺好用的: https://www.thechairmansbao.com/hsk-check/ 分析一下一个纽约时报的文章: HSK6 含有118词, HSK5含有170词 还分析我现在读的小说的一段(2万字左右): HSK6含有260词, HSK5含有384词   既然对于HSK5和HSK6的词汇很多, 要求比较高,还加上HSK6打扮的词汇是书面的,我认为Chinesepod的这些很短的正文没有很大的作用。 最好多看报纸, 小说等等。 这片课文含有HSK6的7个词。 ...

Jack Ma’s retirement 功成身退──接任马云:创造者张勇和他所改变的阿里巴巴 Media

ElshaYiu SongAnYang你好! 这一句话是马云在公开信中对张勇的评价。 这个文化传承,是阿里巴巴内部的文化传承,意思是张勇要秉承阿里的理念并发扬光大。担当的意思,是接受并负起责任。“传承上的担当”,整体意思就是张勇负起把阿里发扬光大的责任。 作为公开信,这些话是比较抽象的、好听的。 圣诞快乐!

Lost and Found 失而复得 Upper Intermediate

ElshaYiu 太好了!好好享受你的课程。 圣诞快乐!

Introducing Measure Words 基本量词 [ATWTI 29] Newbie

ElshaYiu Thanks for your opinion! We will consider this suggestion. Meanwhile, stay tuned for our coming lessons.   Merry Christmas!

Do you drink hot water? 你今天喝热开水了吗? Advanced

ElijahW Seth Morris, 两年?那么快!请问,当时你也在学校上课,还是只有自己学习ChinesePod?有什么窍门吗?希望你会跟我们分享!

Introduction to Pinyin The Pinyin Program

596207586 Thank you very much 

Chinese Drinking Culture Intermediate

ElshaYiu Thanks for your support! We will keep producing interesting lessons. Stay tuned.

The Handover Intermediate

ElshaYiu “Did you have any questions?” could be an alternative. This fits the context more. Thanks!

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #1 Newbie

ElijahW brentulus, I think there's value in both. Learning the radicals is definitely essential, but crazy comparisons like this are more memorable. Are you familiar with the Outlier Dictionary? They're working away at producing etymologically-sound explanations of c...

南北差异 Advanced

ElijahW ChinesePod高级的词汇一直很有用!我在听一本恐怖灵异小说,男主角拿到了新的武器时,是这样说的: “最主要的是,这把剑所散出的阳气简直是以前那把无法比拟的,如果用身高来形容的话。那简直就是一个一米四一个两米二一样。 “虽然我知道浓缩的都是精华,但是此时我手里拎着这一把铜钱剑,确实心情无比激动。不知道要说什么好了,原来文叔说要给我的惊喜就是这个啊!”

Can you help me find...? Elementary

ElijahW Wow, you have a good ear! Yes, you heard correctly, and the distinction between "c" and "ch" is a regional thing. You'll find that regional variations in pronunciation were rare on ChinesePod in lessons produced before this year. During 2018, ChinesePod did a...

The Key to Closing a Deal Elementary

ElshaYiu 中国人在做事情的时候的缺很讲究天时地利人和。很高兴这个课程能帮到你理解小说!

Office Policy: Internet Elementary

ElshaYiu 谢谢!希望你的中文可以越来越好。

How to Use 了: Change of State Qing Wen

ElshaYiu Yes. The meaning is the same. 

中国古代酷刑 Advanced

ElshaYiu Thanks for sharing. Different regions do have some variations in pronunciation. 

以房养老 Advanced

ElijahW Mark, I'm just now studying this lesson over 4 years after it came out, and I'm in total agreement. This is the first time I've come across a 2008-2014 lesson where I felt that level-appropriateness was way off.

Job Hopping 另谋高就──闪辞 Media

ElshaYiu 可以。 应字有两个读音: ying1  应届、应该、应许、应有尽有、应充 ying4 答应、应变、应酬、应考、应对

Workout Frequency at the Gym Elementary

ElshaYiu Thanks for pointing it out! We will fix it soon. Actually, the name of the sport is 健美 jian4mei3. This is a good question. The Chinese translation of gym and bodybuilding only differ in the second word.