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The Sun Salutation in Yoga Upper Intermediate

Mingmao The video used as reference for this lesson no longer works. Please host supplementary media needed to clarify lessons on the Chinesepod website to prevent it becoming obsolete in the future.

Secrets to Learning Chinese Upper Intermediate

497580194 I love it.  It's a natural and powerfully communicative result of cultures interacting more closely. 

空姐 Dating a Female Flight Attendant Advanced

SongAn17 完全同意。我觉得甜心和Constance特别好,只有这一点让我很不满(但也不能怪Constance)。希望下一组老师不会再高级课程当中用那么多英文。

Dialect Party Mix Newbie

crazyturtle The variety of dialects is one of the reasons Chinese is so wonderful and complex. I wish there was more lessons on here in Cantonese and Shanghainese.

Buying Fresh Fish in the Market Elementary

Grace Wong Hello Kriti2905! You are exactly right! Thank you for that catch.  g

Who's Been Spending My Money? Intermediate

589612630 Hi, How to hide the Control Panel on the left side of the screen? To gain some space on the already small mobiles.

Asking Prices in Chinese with 多少 [ATWTI 27] Newbie

178498819 Hi The plane ticket prices link on the practice tab takes me to a AMS Login page. This looks like its not part of ChinesePod UI. Do I use my ChinesePod login credentials here?

Using Numbers in Chinese [ATWTI 22] Newbie

178498819 Where can I find the exercise questions?

Picking Up Girls(上) Upper Intermediate

shadibarhoumi 她说的是“反而缓和了那个感觉”

You Can't Bring That on the Plane! Elementary

baha17 Hello Was changed/updated? Its all new tutors here.I love this version

How To Sound Polite Qing Wen

770087184 her pronunciation is so on point!

Which Floor? Elementary

fluxxion When should one use 都 to mean 'already' instead of 已经? Or are they basically interchangeable?

Four Uses of the Complement 起来 (qilai) Qing Wen

clburchard Where is the "grammar tag on the left?" I'm lost....

Asking Directions to the Toilet Elementary

darkstar94 probably getting 吗 mixed up with 嘛

Culling Stray Dogs Intermediate

589612630 提到前男友,他就忍不住哭了 "His" boyfriend?! How ugly The blog is wonderful. Really. But it is distlling bits of queer, pervert things. We are learning Chinese. And you are not an advocacy group, I guess.

Getting a Pump On! Back and Bicep Workout in the Gym Upper Intermediate

JLindsay This dialogue after about one minute suddenly jumps to the end. Cannot listen to it. One of many problems I find in the interface. Any fix?

What Star Sign Are You? Intermediate

844774363 Astrology is a good way to study people's personalities in the same way interpreting the shapes of passing clouds is a good way to study household economics.Nice lesson though!

Doing Things in Places [ATWTI 15] Newbie

robingreen2452 Hi, What is the difference between 你在什么地方?and 你在哪里? They both seem to mean the same thing - Where are you? Is there a situation where one is more preferred over another? Cheers

It's Raining So Bad I Don't Want to go Out! Intermediate

donpaluh I. have been looking for it too. In fact it is also mentioned in the out-tro to this lesson. I came here expecting to see it in the comments. But I found it:然-ran:当然虽然竟然果然不然

主席讲话 Part 1 Advanced

SongAn17 Fiona 在17:30说了什么词? 其实我们不会指名daoxin?点出一些国家