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商务发言 3:产品卖点 Advanced

Grace Wong 哇! 是啊,我也喜欢这堂课,您说的没错,很有意思,他的口才真的好!

Donald Trump Declares U.S. Exit from the JCPOA (Iran Deal) Upper Intermediate

Grace Wong Hello, no one said it was broken, I believe these hosts wanted to try something new. We are continuing lessons in the same way as before, this one is just different. F, G and C have been gone for over 8 months now, they moved on to do something new as well. So...

I like beef Newbie

Grace Wong Hey Serbian, I got it! Let me see what I can do.

It's Raining So Bad I Don't Want to go Out! Intermediate


Where's the bathroom? Newbie

mymandarincorner In the U.S. ground floor is the first floor. One above in the second. In Europe, ground floor is ground floor, one above is the first floor.

Shampoo and Cut Elementary

Grace Wong Hmmm... I don't know. I'll ask Jenny Mama if she recognizes it. 

城管与小摊贩 Advanced

Grace Wong 一点也不差! 请继续拍录。我想大家都会喜欢看。

NY AMS TEST 5 Intermediate

dorothycowling  This lesson appears to be the same as the lesson with ID3090. What is a NY AMS test? Where are the previous 4?

The Say It Right Series How to Use ChinesePod

827641163 Hello ChinesePod... Could you do something about it? We can’t access any episodes...

Job Market for Laowai Upper Intermediate

gojam1 Chinesepod is worthless spent hard earned money got less than the free account contacted them several times with a question as to why the app is not working on any device and the webpage does not work cannot view any lessons at all and no Chinesepod I did not ...

人机合一(二)Android Part 2 Advanced

JennyZhou 不客气!  周末愉快!

Introducing Measure Words 基本量词 [ATWTI 29] Newbie

Grace Wong Hey guys! They left at the end of 2017. 

Yang Jie's Fury Elementary

886880960 Should be Lǐ Yàn's fury, not Yang Jie...

Directions with a Map #2 Elementary

Grace Wong They are similar in that they are both used in from of verbs to indicate a repetition.In many instances, they are interchangeable. Whereas 又 is generally used to express action that is repeated in a cyclical manner (again and again) (continuity of similar mov...

How to use our Audible Dictionary How to Use ChinesePod

MartynBonham Thank you for your help building this dictionary, I always needed the practical examples to help me with my learning!

I Don't Feel Well 我不舒服 Pre Intermediate

Grace Wong Hello David, off the top of my head I'm not sure what you should do. Let me ask on Monday and see if anyone has any suggestions. Other than that, I am glad that you liked this topic. Is there something specific medically/ health wise that you would like to lea...

Having Food Delivered Elementary

Grace Wong Thank you for pointing this out!! I will pay attention to this pace. 

Synonyms for 'Trick' Qing Wen

923348789 她们是在chinesepod我最喜欢的两个老师 

More Measure Words 更多量词 [ATWTI 30] Newbie

Grace Wong Hmmm... I would add that when you are really stumbling on advancing to the next level. I've been told that the jump from Pre Intermediate to Intermediate is a steep jump so that may be a helpful time to get some outside help. However if you are able to go on t...

Buying pants 买裤子 Pre Intermediate

Grace Wong I figured thats what you were saying.