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Betrothal Gifts and Dowries, Oh My! Upper Intermediate

ElijahW 我的老丈人也特别通情达理,当时他知道我们俩都是大四的学生,没什么钱。听老婆说其他的亲戚劝他严格点,但是他不愿意,只提出了一个要求:不要离婚。也就是我想的!

You Should Watch Game of Thrones Intermediate

couldashouldawoulda on an unrelated sidetone, you guys are such a cute couple!

Home Cooking Livestream Upper Intermediate

899483521 that'll do pig

Intro to ATWTI Newbie


A Charming Café in Shanghai The Jenny Zhu Show

Miller18pk 我也是你这么想的,我留在山东省,做煎饼果子是常见的。以前我尝过煎饼果子,虽然它们又便宜又方便还注意到做的环境经常太不干净。

Asking Too Many Questions Elementary

stevinsjs I think this is a pretty good lesson. The exercises were harder than Newbie level, but I had no technical problems. I like having the more complex "double" character words (最近, zuìjìn, recently, etc.) in the Elementary vocabulary. ...

Gym Memberships Plans Intermediate

Lisomi Can this sentence: 这洗衣机使用起来非常方便,你只要把衣服丢进去就好了。also read: 这洗衣机使用起来非常方便,你只要把衣服扔进去就好了。? 谢谢你们的帮助

Pedestrian Peril Upper Intermediate

Miller18pk 很好另外一场课程,谢谢大家。在中国我我哪儿都不得不走路,可是我最近终于买到自己的电动车,我觉得不仅好玩儿更有方便我的生活。买到以后才真体会非常非常危险。不过我还很开心,我还认为了中国交通没有美国的这么危险。

Which Tone? Newbie

Gwilym@ChinesePod You could check out the Say It Right Series which is a new video course designed specifically with tones and pronunciation in mind    

To Use: 实用、运用、应用、采用、适用 Qing Wen

Mingmao Interesting, thank you.

How To Make Chinese Tea Qing Wen

Mingmao 谢谢!

主席讲话 Part 1 Advanced

zaphekiah 检阅 jiǎn yuè = to inspect; to review (troops etc); military review医师 yī shī = doctor生存 shēng cún = to survive万物 wàn wù = all things; all living things佛光 Fó guāng = Buddha's teachings; aura (around the head of Buddha)生长 shēng z...

You Also Live in the Same Apartment? Intermediate

alextowers 我的中文名字是塔亚山。灯塔的塔,亚洲的亚,山水的山。

Would You Like Some Tea? Newbie

391304120 Visual really helps. There are a few funny incidents where, while I'm learning, sometimes I will recognize the character, but not the pinyin or the sound.

ATWTI 4: Apologizing and Responding to Apologies Newbie

carokurtis This lesson is extremely relevant for us Canadians eh!

Getting a Driver's License Upper Intermediate


Buying a Computer Pre Intermediate

jasonworthington117 Hello Pod Team  Is (甚麼品牌的冰箱好?) different from (甚麼品牌的冰箱是好的?) ??? Thanks,  jason

Keeping in Touch Pre Intermediate

jasonworthington117 I have a question (by the way... thanks again YuQinCai for your last explanation!!!) 1. a. 昨天我跟他見了面. (Does 昨天我跟他見面了have a different meaning or maybe it doesn't make sense??)     b. 洗了澡就睡吧. (Does 洗澡了就睡吧 have a different meaning or maybe it d...

Talking about Illness Pre Intermediate

jasonworthington117 謝謝您!!! YuQinCai, your explanation makes sense!!!Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Jason

Drinking Chinese Spirits Qing Wen

wernicke85 On a recent trip to the Philippines I noticed that the Craft Beer Phenomenon has expanded to SE Asia. Has it gotten to China or Taiwan, and if so how would ask if a restaurant has a craft beer selection?  Also, if it is something that is popularizing out ...