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以房养老 Advanced

ElijahW Mark, I'm just now studying this lesson over 4 years after it came out, and I'm in total agreement. This is the first time I've come across a 2008-2014 lesson where I felt that level-appropriateness was way off.

Job Hopping 另谋高就──闪辞 Media

ElshaYiu 可以。 应字有两个读音: ying1  应届、应该、应许、应有尽有、应充 ying4 答应、应变、应酬、应考、应对

Workout Frequency at the Gym Elementary

ElshaYiu Thanks for pointing it out! We will fix it soon. Actually, the name of the sport is 健美 jian4mei3. This is a good question. The Chinese translation of gym and bodybuilding only differ in the second word.

Here she comes Intermediate

ElijahW Irene873, I haven't used the iOS app much, but my understanding is that the "Download" function is currently under construction. Instead, I've always downloaded lessons using the podcast feed. I've recorded a video here about how I do that: http://www.keeping...

南海爭端 South China Sea Dispute Advanced

ElshaYiu Thanks, JJ2016!

英国脱欧 Brexit Advanced

ElshaYiu Thanks, JJ2016!

Navigation System Intermediate

ElshaYiu Chinese is interesting when literally translate the words to English. The third word pointed out by mikeinewshot is right. It is 假使 (jia3 shi3) which sounds similar to 驾驶 (jia4 shi3).

床头吵床尾和 P1 Advanced

ElshaYiu 这真的是一个很好的问题。你说得对,屈辱和侮辱都是带有负面的意思,而调侃则比较中性,可以在朋友之间用。 希望可以帮到你!

You Can and Will Use 会 (huì)! Qing Wen

ElshaYiu Glad to hear that you love the lessons! Reviewing old lessons does help learning Chinese.

Saying You're Angry: 生气 Qing Wen

ElshaYiu Great ways to remember the vocabulary!

Time Word Tips P2 : 前 and 后 Qing Wen

ElshaYiu This is a good way to remember the words! Keep it up!

How to Add Emphasis Qing Wen

ElshaYiu Thanks for your comment! We will find ways to make the lesson easier to follow.

Venice flooding 洪水猛兽--威尼斯水灾 Upper Intermediate

ElshaYiu Thanks for pointing it out! We will fix it.

Public Speaking Tips Intermediate

WISESOLUTIONS Dialogue 9th phase 可是我还有好多东西要说呢,这样练我可吃不消。 kěshì wǒ hái yǒu hǎo duō dōngxi yào shuō ne,zhèyàng liàn wǒ kě fatigue etc。 But I still have a lot of stuff I want to say. Practicing like this is more than I can handle. Expan...

Using "Can" 会、能、可以 [ATWTI 28] Newbie

MayHaNN Thanks for the link. In my case, I always use the lessons mentioned in the "practice" tab, and they are indeed related.

疯狂富豪和现实生活 Crazy Rich Asians & Real Life Upper Intermediate

ElijahW sebastienbrady, 完全同意,我觉得今年ChinesePod最大的问题就在此。今年有很多不同的新来的老师在准备课程,结果level的难度就乱了。我最近跟ChinesePod直接讨论这个问题,他们也同意。最近有Elsha开始作为ChinesePod的Academic Director,她正在考虑怎么解决这个问题,会需要点时间改正。 说实话,我这个很挑剔的人也向ChinesePod抱怨John Pasden监督的课程跟Fiona时代的课程也有很大的区别。从2015年开始,"level drift"越来越...

Forming Questions with 吗 ma [ATWTI 21] Newbie

ElshaYiu Thanks for pointing this out. Our tech team will fix it.

Asking Prices in Chinese with 多少 [ATWTI 27] Newbie

ElshaYiu You can always call a sales clerk either male or female 老板. It is a common way to call sales in Chinese.

小太监进宫五 Advanced

ElshaYiu 例句都很不错,继续加油!