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Lesson 4 - Man or Machine Newbie

anonymous1068458 I am glad that you liked this lesson. Check out our other lessons on HSK test!!

物尽其用-绿色能源推动农村绿色发展 Upper Intermediate

Sevastopol It is currently the most usful lesson for me inspite of  the fact that my level is too low for it. It just has refreshed  my passion to learn Chinese inspite the lack of time. 非常感谢!

Directions & Transportation Newbie

mario173 Thank you!

I plan to study abroad Newbie

314231813 guys, i think there is something wrong with the audio. i can't hear the audio for the characters. or sentences or even the expansion sentences...can someone please fix it?

Lesson 11 - Try Me Doc. Newbie

mellyagain Hi, this lesson also has traditional characters mixed in with simplified in several places. Could you please correct this? Thanks!

三八女神节 Advanced

Sevastopol You are right from the formal point of view but  on the other hand positive effect  is that 1)most of words are coming  from the  native speaker  2) small differences in tones may help you to find your mistakes from the comparison . 3...

How to Use 了: Action Complete Qing Wen

djfite 我想问一下,如果我说。。‘我在中国住了两年‘。 This is simply stating that I lived in China for 2 years with no other info. It's likely from this statement that I'm no longer in China, is that right? If I say 我在中国住了两年了。This is saying that It has been 2 years that I have ...

孙子兵法—谋攻篇:攻城拔寨还是不攻自破? Advanced


Possessives with 的 Newbie

CliffordAnderson Hi Friends, As we reviewed the dialogue, we noticed that 他的筆很貴 is translated as "My pen is very expensive." But I believe it should be "His pen is very expensive." Thanks for your great work on this engaging series! Cliff

How to Use 在 (zài) Pre Intermediate

sharonweiz Very helpful.  

Chengyu Series - Say three speak four Elementary

ngkuhlman 我很忙的时候,丢三落四很多东西。

This is outrageous! Intermediate

raymondfrias John and Jenny's 1st episode together. Lovely and nostalgic.

Lesson 2 - Hello Toilet Newbie

667507479 Seriously?! This is lesson 2 of newbie level? So frickin complicated!

How to use le 了 Pre Intermediate

spencer666908082 I agree, you guys have a nice relaxed vibe about you and work well together. Really enjoyed it!

How to use 要...了 Pre Intermediate

Jesper00 谢谢您!

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #9 Newbie

834271958 How many characters should we know to understand normal day to day conversations?

三文鱼皮、咖啡渣“变身”创意环保单品 Media

For people on the go, a one stop for you to learn Mandarin from the news! 听新闻,学中文。给脚步匆匆的你带来新鲜简讯!

Chengyu Series - Say One Not Two Elementary

MarkusM The guy on the left is a German? Versteht der was ich sage?

Lesson 8 - Sister Come Home Newbie

BeccaChu Hello Ivan, Yes you definitely can! 我和她一起去大学 and 我跟她一起去大学 are both correct.