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Posted by f-zim August 14, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I am having trouble with the words 氣 and fán 煩 ( in the sense of ‘angry’ and fán ‘irritated’), because the person who experiences this emotion can be either the object or the subject of the verb, which makes the matter quite confusing:

As subject:

Bàba érzi tài bù yònggōng
‘Dad was angry at his son for not studying hard enough’

bié de, jiù nǐ shìxiān bù dǎ ge zhāohu
‘She was only angry that you didn't tell her beforehand’

fán shénme?
‘What are you irritated at?’

As object:

Nǐ bié le
‘Don't annoy me’

gùyì yī qì
‘making him angry on purpose’

Zhè jiàn shì zhēn fán rén
‘This is very irritating’

Granted, sometimes the context helps, but I need a more thorough explanation than that. Can anybody help me out here?

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