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请问你一个很棘手的问题吗? Qing3 wen4 ni3 yi1 ge4 ji2shou3 de wen4ti2 (Can I ask you a difficult question?)

Posted by bodawei August 27, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

I would like your views on how best to discuss ‘doosra’, ‘googly’ and ‘mullygrubber’  in Chinese.  都是曲球。。。(a ball that when bowled looks like it will turn in one direction but actually turns another.)   Each has a slightly different figurative meaning in English in reference to a question: 

Mullygrubber – a question that is a bit underhand, low. 

Googly – a difficult question..

Doosra – a fiendishly difficult question. 

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