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Posted by go_manly August 29, 2010 in the Group Grammar Questions .

I know Mandarin doesn't use tense. Nevertheless, is someone able to render the following English tenses in Mandarin? I've included the easy examples which I already understand in order to make this complete. Also, I've added words in brackets to make sense of some of the tenses.

1. I am waiting (for you).

2. I waited (for you).

3. I have waited (for you).

4. (By the time you arrived) I had waited (for you for 2 hours).

5. I have been waiting (for you).

6. I will wait (for you).

7. I will be waiting (for you).

8. (If you are late tomorrow) I will have waited (for you too many times).

9. (By the time you get here) I will have been waiting (for you for 3 hours)

Have I missed any?

Perhaps I'm dense, but don't sit on the fence, help me make sense of this wretched tense.

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