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Finally seeing China

Posted by paulinurus August 31, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey, Cpod message said "successfully posted" but my p

Well, here I am finally travellng China for the first time. Glad that due to the two years of learning Chinese mostly from Cpod I didn't feel entirely uncomfortable with the new environment and was able to get the gist of some Chinese conversations going on, especially the long "telling off" by an elderly lady to someone sitting behind her on the plane from Hong Kong to Beijing for apparently kicking the back of her seat. Interesting too that as soon as the plane came to a stop, cell phones suddenly popped out and people were speaking Mandarin everywhere, and very loudly too!

No problems at the Beijing airport since there were English signs/announcements everwhere. The only surprise was having to take a mile (左右)ride on the airport train to the baggage claim area.  

At the hotel, I mentioned to the bellboy "小心,这包里面有电脑” and he nodded understandably as he loaded our baggage and bags on the cart. I asked him "你会讲英文吗?。 “一点儿”said he. In the room, he showed me where the internet cable was kept and the whereabouts of the wall socket/ receptacle. He spoke Chinese with lots of "rrrr" and was quite difficult to understand all that he said. Watching tv now in the middle of the night due to the jet lag... and lo and behold Michael Jackson's "This is it" is showing on HBO. 

ost disappeared! Good thing I saved it on Wordpad. Here it is..2nd post. Hope it'll show up this time around.



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