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Say It Right Series

Question about.....Google (关于谷歌的一个问题)

Posted by pulosm November 4, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

Am I right about this?  When you enter simplified Chinese characters into, it will only search for that character in its simplified form.  For example, if I write 头 will it only search for 头 or will it also produce results that include 頭? If I am right, I think this is a pretty serious flaw, we should quickly notify Google!

我是否说得对? 用谷歌搜索时,如果你用简体字输入, 谷歌只会搜索那个字的简体形式。比方说, 如果我输入"头"这个字, 搜索结果只会产生"头" 这个字还是会包括"頭"那个字?  如果我说得对呢, 我认为这是个满严重的缺点,应该赶快去通知谷歌吧!

我是否說得對?用谷歌搜索時,如果你用簡體字輸入,谷歌只會搜索那個字的簡體形式。比方說,如果我輸入"头"這個字,搜索結果只會產生"头"這個字還是會包括"頭"那個字? 如果我說得對呢,我認為這是個滿嚴重的缺點,應該趕快去通知谷歌吧!



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