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Posted by trevorb September 6, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

 A mixed bag again today and a challenge for me to translate to Chinese!

一) What does 总 mean when used with a surname? for example

二) can you please say "老实说老师说“ ?

三)  When paying for Chinesepod should I use xùYuē?

四) both又 and 再  mean again,  I think I use 又  to mean again in the past and 再  to mean again in the future, is this right?

五)  Both tǎolùn 讨论 and shāngliang 商量 mean discuss  but do they really have the same meaning?

六)  Is it correct 我来自英国  is not the same as 我是英国人 .   You can be Chinese but still 来自英国. 



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