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Posted by trevorb September 20, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Okay some questions for tonights lesson, may have to ask some of these in English or broken mandarin.

1) Are there rules for when to use 了(liao). for example is it always after 不 or 的 

(i.e. how do I tell liao from le? when reading)

2)Reading a book I came across this sentence "慢慢地走过来“。 Is this an example of 地 being de?  

3) In the christmas lesson connie says "John帮一下忙" why is it not just "John帮一下"?

4) In this sentence "五角星放到树顶上" I'm not understanding the 到。 I thought 到 usually means something is done i.e. Found = 找到 but now I'm not sure 找到了

5) Do Chinese people do something special on 中秋节?

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