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Autum brinds dashboard weirdness

Posted by mark September 22, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

The Mid-Autum Festival seems to have brought changes to the dashboard.  About half of them seem nice.  The other have seem to 添麻烦。 Among the nice ones, I kind of like being able to get expanded lesson information right from the dashboard.  The inconvenient ones include that the only way I can find to change the status of a lesson is to visit the page for that lesson.  I usually change status for a bunch at once.  So, a simple task had become complex and rather time consuming.  I also haven't found a way to control the length of the list that is displayed; you can have any number you like, as long as it is ten, and I can't scroll down the list to the ones after ten, which compounds the anoyances associated with setting lesson status.  Finally, it seems that no change comes without busting something.  Even though I am subscribed to the Elementary lessons, today's didn't show up in my dashboard.  I'm not sure if this is a hint that I no longer need Elementary lessons, or a punishment for already having ten lessons in my active lesson list, or just some random bug.  I am not sure if anyone is still in the office to address this stuff, if not, don't drink too much before you come back to work.  Debugging is no fun when you are hungover.

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