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书法水写纸 (Magic writing paper)

Posted by bodawei September 27, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I want to know how I could be learning Chinese since ... never mind ... and I could remain ignorant of MAGIC WRITING PAPER until this week!  

How come no-one told me about this before?  

It is so much fun.  

The best fun I have had since watching an entire series of 护士当家 (Nurse Jackie) without getting up to make a cup of tea.  

You spread your paper, get a bowl of water, a big brush, and write away.  When the water dries the writing goes.  (Just like those people doing 书法 at the park.)  And you can re-use your bit of paper a THOUSAND times.  Cost: US$5 for the top of the range paper.  Honestly, it is more fun than Skritter.    

Anyone else had any experience with MAGIC PAPER??  

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