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do you want to have one Chinese name

Posted by songyongrui October 12, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Dear friends, if you intend to long life in China, whether to have one Chinese name? If you want to avoid others say you to John, Charlie, Jessie... Thus have one rich Chinese flavor Chinese name is a good idea.

If you are willing,please send your name,sex to my mailbox,I'll give you three Chinese names,and point out the meaning of culture in china for your choice.If you are happy,please give me a fee,thank you.
  My mailbox is syrsd2010@yahoo.cn.

My information is:

姓名 宋永瑞

身份证号码 37048119880601455X

年龄 22岁

邮箱 syrsd2010@yahoo.cn





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