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Guitar Players Unite!

Posted by pretzellogic October 24, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Ok, its time for the frequent and infrequent posters to start making a stand on having a MEATY guitar lesson.  By meaty, I mean a lesson that has words in it that all guitar players know, regardless of the types of music they play, or specific styles:

riffs, chords (dominants, majors, minors), progressions, frets, arpeggios, guitar neck, bridge, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, tuning pegs, pick/plectrum (for UK speakers), first string, second string, up to a 6th string, and "do you know how to tune the guitar?".

This is definitely an upper intermediate level lesson.  I was thinking of the following scenario:

a music teacher is trying to teach a somewhat reluctant student a few basics around guitar playing. So a few sentences along the lines of someone strumming a Cmajor chord, then having a kid (as the second actor) in the lesson try strumming it, then having the instructor say, "here's a C major 7th chord", the kid doing the same, and then having the instructor saying something like, "an arpeggio is just playing each of the notes in the chord individually, not all at once." then having the kid do it. Then have the instructor say, "there are just three kinds of chords: majors, minors and dominants. Don't get confused by a minor 7 flat 5 chord, or a diminished 7th chord, or a major 6 add 9 chord. In the end, they're all just majors, minors and dominant chords. and if you use a moveable form,  you can play the same form at a different fret on the neck".

The bottom line is that if a lot of poddies scream (especially poddies that don't usually post) for a lesson, then we'll likely get one. And if only 4 guys scream for one, then I guess we shouldn't expect Cpod to jump through hoops to create one.  At this point, I can live with the results either way.  So i'll post this, and let the cards fall where they may.

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