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Say It Right Series


Posted by trevorb November 8, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

Todays questions ready in advance:

As before I will try to ask these in chinese but some are complex so I may confuse you completely and even if I don't your answers may confuse me :-)  Still thats the fun of learning this, I keep looking forward to the day we chat for our whole 10 minutes in chinese ;-) I suspect that is going to be a long while away...


1) Andy lau‘s song had 男人哭吧不是罪 could it have ben 不是醉。

2)Using "high" seems strange as it is not a product name.  Are other western words used in this way?

3) What is the difference between 看起来 and 看出来?

4) 就算。。。也 means even if.  When should I use this and when should I use 连。。都?

5)啦 is 了and 呀 combined?  I think this softens the whole sentence, but when should I use it.

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