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Posted by trevorb November 22, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Okay todays questions

As usual I will use a mixture of chinese and english to get these across :-)

1) 不过,可是 and 但是 all have the meaning but.  I always use 但是 but is there a time and place for each?

2) 所有 means all.  I think I understood but am I still correct to say "我对海鲜都过敏“?

3)in the dialog there is this sentence:


why is the 这 there and could it have be 你的男朋友太挑剔了?

4)生活 means life.  Is this just human life or do animails have 生活 too?

5)低着头 has lowering head.  Is there a more colloquial meaning?


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