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Posted by bodawei November 28, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

When go_manly strutted these boards I remember a thread that explored the word 'bogan' - I won't go into it in detail now, but it is a snobbish and disparaging description of someone who has probably received little education, and is proud of that?  The 'bogan' may assert their anti-intellectual views on life 'loudly', in life-style, dress sense.  In Australia there is a geographical element.  But ultimately the expression says more about the speaker than the object of the label.    

Last night I was at an event where a Chinese guy was translating for some Australians speaking to a Chinese audience.  One of the Aussies mentioned bogans - and I could 'feel' the tension in the translators face.  (He had no idea what it was.)  

I spoke to him later and said I don't think it can be translated - because there are no bogans in China.  I also noted that the word was used wrongly - the guy who said it meant something else - he meant someone who is essentially artistically illiterate - no 'appreciation of art.'  'Bogan' drags in all kinds of other connotations.   

Any views on this?  

1.  I would love to hear the most innovative translation of bogan for a Chinese audience.  [Jenny Zhu - would you like to take this question?  You must have met bogans in Sydney?]  

2.  I would also like to hear a discussion about how you would describe someone who is artistically illiterate, someone who does not appreciate anything about art.  'Cold' to art, you might say.       

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