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In praise of the Chinese gas stove

Posted by bodawei December 13, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .


We are in a hiatus – there is no question.  It is off-season for Rugby League (at least down under), there is no cricket until Thursday, Christmas is coming (and that is NOT a good thing – high murder rates, high suicide rates, family arguments… hmmm), and I haven’t seen a story on Julian Assange for two whole days.  We need a distraction.  Something to fill a space in our lives. 

Look, it’s a long time since we’ve had a decent nag on ChinesePod – I don’t know what the problem is.  Too many serious students?  The miscreants have been put out to pasture?  The Canadians are getting a little too much air time?  Whatever, there have been too many grammar discussions.  Let’s face it, it’s a little bit boring. 

So I thought we should cast a glance at the gas stove – and I’ll start with an assertion: China cannot make a bad one.  Their stoves are WAY cool.  In Australia (and Europe, can’t talk about America I’ll get into trouble) we have little pissant things we laughably call stoves that you cannot use a wok on.  They are a feature of every ‘European’ kitchen.  They are tinny, they have a feeble flame, they are nearly flush with the bench.  They look best in a bed sit where they are not going to be used anyway, ever.  I won’t even mention those electric stoves – if I had one of those I would genuinely starve. 

Here in China even the cheapest stove has a couple of serious gas burners that look like the back end of the space shuttle (with cast iron fins the size of spinnakers).  These stoves are designed FOR woks, and feeding about twenty people every night.  In Australia we have the Wok Burner as an optioinal extra – if you don’t choose this option you don’t eat. 

I do love a good stove – what about you? 

What’s your experience with Chinese stoves?  


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