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把字句 Group #2

Posted by tamutom December 14, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Fold the paper into a square.  把一张纸折叠做一方形。Bǎ yī zhāngzhǐ  dié zuò yī fāngxíng.

Turn the car to drive north. 把辆车往北开车。  Bǎ liàng chē wǎng běi kāi chē. (I bet I did not need that 辆. I think I wrote "Turn a car ...," instead of "Turn the car..." Now I wonder, if I wanted to make it "Turn your car ..." if the possessive pronoun could follow 把, as "把你的车往北开车.")

He did not study grammar very well. 他没把语法学习锝很好。  Tā méi bǎ yǔfǎ de hěn hǎo.

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