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象棋 xiang4qi2 (Chinese chess)

Posted by bodawei December 16, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Couldn't find anything on ChinesePod about Chinese chess.  It is very common - you see people playing everywhere.  It is kind of difficult I'm told (I'm not a chess player) but I've decided to learn a little about it.  My enthusiasm is bound to wane within a week or two. 

So far I've learnt that you play on a 棋面 and when it is set up it is called 棋盘。  河界 he2jie4 goes down the middle (symbolic of 长江 ?)  I have learnt how the 棋子 (pieces) move - an intensive hour and a half and pages of notes.  The object, and limitations on movement are somewhat similar to 国际棋 (international chess) - I wonder why that is so?  

I think that it helps the language study even if you never play a game.  The piece names and why they are named that way.  Talking about how the pieces move around the 棋面 - it would be worth at least one CP lesson I think.  Then you could feign great knowledge and impress people.     

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