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Posted by marcojane December 25, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Thank you for your help with accessing the flash cards and the nuanced meanings of "can" in Mandarin.  I'm using the flashcards on my Smart Phone which provides great practice wherever I am.  The Rosetta Stone (and I say this as a retired French and Spanish teacher) is excellent for learning the basics and a good deal of vocabulary and grammar in a way that is intuitive, BUT, it leaves a lot to be desired. As I enjoy the podcast dialogues I notice that, like pao3 bu1 vs. pao3, some of the words are different and probably not used in casual speech. A  Chinese friend also noted this from the few words I used with her.  Thank heavens for the realistic Podcast.  I've learned at least 300 words or more with RS, but can't put them together in a useful manner for a real conversation.  Podcast does that.  I think the two combined are dynamite!!  Podcast is more fun, though.  Now I have hope that I may actually be able to learn to converse  some day.  Jane

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