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CCTV9 - reforms

Posted by bodawei January 5, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

CCTV9 for some years has been a 24 hrs/day English language station, designed to assist Chinese people learning English.  For mono-lingual English speakers in China it provides the only English language news on TV.

The station programming was re-vamped from 2011/1/1 - but when I seached on Baidu I couldn't find any discussion on the topic. (All the stations were re-vamped as far as I can see - there are 15 CCTV stations.)

CCTV9 is now 33% Chinese language, with the prime time spots taken by Chinese. Details from the CCTV program for yesterday follow:

中文 480 minutes (8 hrs out of 24 – 33%) 70 minutes between 0 – 7:30 (dead zone of 450 minutes – 15.6%); 130 minutes at lunch time (11:20 – 1:30pm); 90 minutes out of 120 minutes from 6pm – 8:00pm; 100 minutes out of 120 minutes from 9 – 11pm.

It should be noted that there is English language at different times on other channels (eg. occasionally a film is screened in English with subtitles) - I don't have any data on this.

What do poddies think about this? Anybody heard anything about the change in philosophy?

Note: programming taken from http://tvmao.com/program/CCTV-CCTV9-w2.html.

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