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Posted by bababardwan February 3, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

One thing I love about the community here is it's international flavour. Being a Chinese language learning site that, at least at the lower levels, uses English to teach Chinese, I guess it's only natural that many poddies come from a native English speaking background. So we have Americans, Canadians, UK, and Irish, Aussies, and Kiwis. Then we have those impressive multilinguals such as the Europeans...Germans, French, Dutch, Swedish; and Japanese; and at least one Mexican. But this post is not aimed at any of those Nationalities [but of course still welcome to contribute]. What I'd particularly be interested in is what other nationalities are represented amongst the poddie community? Perhaps many others are lurkers, perhaps not so confident of English. I think there were many profiles under "Afghanistan" but that seemed to be a default. So if you are a poddie that belongs to a Nationality not mentioned above, why not come onto this post and let us know...maybe even add a bit about why you're studying Chinese, what your native language is, and any insights you may have coming at Chinese from your angle.

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